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Have You Met ... Rep. Dennis Ross

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Have You Met ... Rep. Dennis Ross

By Courtney O'Brien

Rep. Dennis Ross (R-FL), who represents the suburbs west of Tampa as well as Lakeland, has logged about 100,000 miles across the country in his family’s motorhomes. He, his wife, and their two sons have traveled to memorable places such as the battlefields of Gettysburg, the Grand Canyon, and the green meadows of Yellowstone National Park.

“It’s a very nomadic life,” he told Townhall. “But, it was more about the journey than it was the destination.”

These enjoyable but long road trips were kind of like Ross’ journey to Congress. To get there, it required patience, endurance, and a full tank of energy. Fortunately, Ross’ past proved he had already earned these qualifications.

“I’ve always had a desire—I put myself through law school, I started my own business. I failed along the way, but this is the way we were raised. There are consequences to your actions, and if you work hard, you receive the benefits of your labors.”

He achieved all of this, he says, without relying on the government.

“What influenced me most was that we can come from modest means, and achieved incredible things, and a lot of that had to do with inspiration, self- confidence. Little of it had to do with government providing it.”

Ross put these notions to the test when he first opened his law firm in 1989. Although he was working as an in-house lawyer for Walt Disney World, his entrepreneurial drive overcame his current job security. To kick start his business, he sought financial help from banks, but to no avail. Finally, his next- door neighbor loaned him $10,000— and he didn’t let it go to waste.

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