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Dennis Ross for Congress

Dennis Ross Releases First Campaign Ad

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Dennis Ross Releases First Campaign Ad


Dennis Ross Releases First Campaign Ad
“Solutions” shows broad range of issues Ross is leading on in Washington

Lakeland, FL – Today, Dennis Ross released his first ad of the campaign, titled “Solutions”.  The ad will begin running on digital platforms throughout this week.

“With everything going on in the world, Congress shouldn’t be wasting time playing political games,” said Ross.   “There is too much at stake and too much important work to be done.  That’s why I’ve focused my time fighting for legislation that will address our biggest problems. From securing our borders and fighting terrorism to reforming the flood insurance program and writing legislation to help students pay off their loans and to protect our children from sexual predators, I’ve focused my energy on what matters most to our families.”

“Solutions,” a 30 second ad, can be viewed here. The transcript of the ad is below.

Born and raised in Lakeland, Ross was first elected to Congress in 2010.  In Washington, he has been a fierce advocate for Floridians in Central Florida and the Tampa Bay region, fighting for government responsibility and championing measures to lower government spending, reduce taxes and increase job creation.  Prior to being elected to Congress, Ross was a lawyer and small business owner in Lakeland and he also served in the Florida legislature.  Ross and his and wife Cindy have been married for 33 years and they have two children, Shane and Travis.

Full Transcript of “Solutions” TV ad

Narrator: Dennis Ross.  The leader we need in Congress. 

He puts our families before politics.  Writing legislation to secure the border, help students pay off loans, reform the flood insurance program, and stop child predators. 

Dennis Ross always does what’s right for Florida and America, no matter what. 

Safety for our children.

Solutions for our families.

A stronger, safer America.

Dennis Ross for Congress

Ross: I’m Dennis Ross and I approve this message.